Effective Tips to Set Up Multiple Microphones for a Podcast

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Podcasting is an effective way to quickly reach people with your thoughts. Through podcasting, one can share scripted dialogues between one or more people with an online audience. However, properly setting up the best microphones for podcasts can be difficult -especially when more than one person is speaking on the mic.  Fortunately, in this guide, we will walk you through all the steps that will help you to set up multiple microphones for a single input at the earliest time.

●   Set Up Two 3.5mm Jack Microphones to One 3.5 mm Jack Input

It’s the most straightforward option available for you. Bear in mind, if you properly set it up, you will get separate sounds for every mic. In order to set up, you need a 3.5 mm splitter cable which is designed with a stereo male output jack along with 2 mono input sockets. Now, one input will be sent to the left channel and the other one will be sent to the right channel.

●   Set Up Two XLR Microphones to One 3.5mm Jack Input

If you buy XLR microphones and want to use them as podcasts, then you can connect them to one 3.5mm jack. It’s a very useful device and comes with 2 XLR inputs, a headphone monitoring socket, along with a 3.5 mm jack output. The 3.5 mm jack output allows you to enable your digital recording. With this setup, you have to connect one cable to the left channel and connect another cable to the right channel.

●   Set Up Two XLR Microphones to One USB Port

By using two XLR microphones input, you can quickly send the audio to your device through a USB cable. You can even use a DAW such as Audacity and through it, you can record every mic onto a separate track.

●   Tricks to Set Up ¼ Jack Microphones of Four 3.5mm Microphones to Single 3.5mm Jack Input

As here you have to connect three or four microphones, which means you need more specialized equipment. If you use multiple jack inputs, a mixer will be your best choice. Bear in mind, if you use a mixer, you will get the single output into the digital recorder.

To complete the setup, you don’t need a USB mixer as in this case, you don’t need a computer. You just have to connect all the microphones into the mixer. Adjust the input level whenever you want to record something. We recommend you use the Behringer XENYX 1202FX mixer. This mixer will be perfect if your microphone has ¼’’ jack plugs.

One of the most significant things about this mixer is that it comes with EQ settings and each channel has a different level. Hence, in order to get the best sound from every microphone, you can tweak the EQ setting.

●   Connect Three or Four XLR Microphones to a Single USB Port

In case you want to record from your computer directly with three or four mics, using a four-channel audio interface will probably be your best choice. The four-channel audio interface allows you to plug in four XLR microphones and record them separately.

●   Connect 4+ Microphones into One USB Port or 3.5mm Jack Input

Do you need to connect 4+ microphones into a single USB input? If so, then utilizing a USB mixer will be the best option for you. As said earlier, most mixers come with a single output along with a stereo track and in this case, the same things will happen. So, when you edit the podcast, this could limit what you can do.


We believe this basic guide will help you to set up multiple microphones for a podcast. Stay with the guide for more updates. Also, if you want to inform us about any new updates feel free to use the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1.     How do you have Multiple Microphones for Podcasts?

  • You can record with XLR microphones. Many people like USB podcast mics. However, utilizing 2 or more in the same setup is not always a good choice.
  • For podcasting, give everyone a microphone
  • Invest in a reliable multi-channel mixer

2.     Can you use Multiple Microphones on Zoom?

Utilizing multiple microphones in a large room will be more useful than using a single mic. A single mic is unable to detect every sound from all parts of the room. If you use USB-based- XML microphones, you can set them up as a solo device within the Zoom room so you can detect every sound of the large room.

3.     Why do Podcasters use Headphones?

Keep in mind, editing takes lots of time and the more records you make the more time you have to spend editing. In order to make the task easy, podcasters wear headphones as they will help you to complete the editing task at the earliest time.

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