What is Gamification in Education?

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If something is working well, don’t mess with it. It is a rule of thumb that can be used in any part of our lives. In a way, it has been used in education for decades. The question is whether or not the old ways still work, even though they have been fixed up many times over the years. Computers in the classroom, smart boards, group work, smaller class sizes, or gamification in schools are all good ideas. On the other hand, there are people who are determined to make bigger changes, even as early as in early childhood education because of the risks.

And even more so when we consider that when changes are made in education, the results aren’t seen for a while, time that can be lost or wasted by dozens of students who have been used as guinea pigs without any good results for them. But on the other hand, how will we adapt the school curriculum to the changing world we live in if we don’t make any changes? In one case. To avoid problems, it is easy to ban screens in class. But what will happen when those kids leave the house and run into those screens in the real world? It’s not necessary to think about their future, because they will run into them in their day-to-day lives.

The goal of education and teaching has always been to give today’s kids the skills they need to take care of themselves in the world. Values, knowledge, rules, and anything else they can use to help themselves and each other. But if we look at history, we can see that all of this knowledge has changed from the time it began to the present. Also, the values we were taught as children are not the same ones we will teach our own children. Should we also teach them with methods that are old and, in some cases, no longer used?

Gamification in schools is also classic

Gamification shouldn’t clash with this premise because it’s meant to make new teaching methods look bad and make traditional methods look good. Children learn by copying others and by playing. Game that can be played on the playground, outside the classroom, or, why not, even during school hours. The game is funny, fun, and can help you learn. And it doesn’t matter how much help you give when it comes to teaching young children in early childhood education.

One benefit of gamification is that it can be used to make games out of anything. Even the most dull plan you can come up with. Popular science has taught us that animations, cartoons, 3D images, allegories, comparisons, and other story-based and audiovisual tools can help explain complicated ideas to the general public. Gamification also tries to do this by making information easier to understand.

It’s clear that the classroom shouldn’t be turned into a place where kids can play all day. It’s a very one-sided look at what gamification in schools can do. But it is also clear that at some ages, you can’t give a lecture where the student can only listen, try to understand, and take notes. Whether we like it or not, we need to get the student’s attention and get them excited about learning. Even more so in his early training years.

The effort falls on educators

The hardest part of putting games into schools is making sure they have the content they need to teach. In other words, it’s about turning what you know and what you learn in school into activities that use game elements. The best thing about the traditional master class is that it is easy to use. Use a monologue to tell the student what the teacher knows. Questions and practical exercises are the only ways to interact.

But with gamification, you need to make content in the form of practical experiments, debates in which the students take part, dramatized presentations by the students themselves, question-and-answer games, role-playing games to learn about a profession or professional activity, various contests… In other words, the current educational materials offer some tools for passing on knowledge, but educators need to do some work before they can use gamification.

On the other hand, if we don’t pay attention, it’s not hard to break down gamification. And it can lead us to make mistakes, like playing just to play, which takes the student’s attention away from the real goal of the activities, encourages too much competition if the game isn’t well run, and misuses concepts like levels, prizes, or points, which turns learning into getting temporary pleasures that take away from the real goal, which is to learn.

Union make force

When people talk about early childhood education or education in general, they often make up false choices. Either game-based learning or traditional learning. Whether or not there are screens. Why neither? As I said at the beginning of the article, people have been using gamification techniques in schools for as long as they can remember. Just that they are now part of a method that has an Anglo-Saxon name. The game has been there forever.

Even in early childhood education, encouraging students to participate in a wide range of activities or bringing games into the classroom can be risky, but it can also be rewarding if it is done well. Game-based learning doesn’t go against traditional ways of learning. It just gives it a little more movement, rhythm, and variety. We live in a time where there are always things to do. And this changes how the student thinks about what they learn in class. Reality will still be there even if you turn your back on it. The classroom can’t be an island cut off from the rest of the world.

As new discoveries change what we know, so must the way we teach it, especially when the student is young and curious. We just need to know how to “catch up” to teach as well as we can without losing sight of the goals that classical education has in common with modern education. And tools like games can help us do this in a fun way in schools.

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