What is the Darkverse?: The Keys to Refuge for Cybercriminals

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A new report from the cybersecurity company Trend Micro warns of a “darkverse” of crime that is hidden from law enforcement and could quickly grow into a new cybercrime industry related to the “metaverse“.

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This piece of writing, “Metaverse or MetaWorse? Cybersecurity threats against the Internet of Experiences” focuses on how important it is for the technology industry to be aware of cybercrime threats in this new Internet age. Trend Micro thinks that the “darkverse” will be like a metaverse version of the “dark web,” letting threat actors plan and carry out illegal activities without fear of being caught.

“Because it is expensive and hard to figure out who is in charge, it will be hard for law enforcement to keep the metaverse safe in its early years. Bill Malik, vice president of Infrastructure Strategies at Trend Micro, says, “The security community needs to step in now or we risk a new Wild West on our digital doorsteps.”

Without the right authentication tokens, it would be impossible for police to get into underground markets in the “darkverse”. Since users can only get into these spaces if they are in a certain place, closed criminal communities have an extra layer of security.

Top five threats

Five major threats to the metaverse are found in the report. In this way, they say that NFTs which stands for “non-fungible tokens” in English will be vulnerable to “phishing,” “ransomware,” fraud, and other attacks. These attacks will become more common as NFTs become an important asset for regulating property in the metaverse. Because there will be so much e-commerce in the metaverse, criminals and criminal groups will be drawn to it.

“The “darkverse” will become the go-to place for illegal or criminal activity because it will be hard for law enforcement to track, monitor, and get into it. In fact, the police might not find out for years. ” a day,” add people who work in cybersecurity. The use of overpriced real estate in the metaverse to launder money is also a possible threat. Again, in this online setting, NFTs will give criminals “a new way to clean up cash.”

In a cyber-physical world, social engineering, propaganda, and “fake news” will also have big effects. “Criminals and government agents will use persuasive stories to target groups that are weak or sensitive to certain issues,” the document says.

Lastly, Trend Micro experts say that privacy will change because operators of metaverse spaces will be able to see more than ever before what users do when using their worlds. “Participating in the metaverse will cost users even more privacy than using social networks now,” they say.

Attacks will adapt

The report says that, just like with any other new technology, attacks that have already worked will still work in this new space. The metaverse will be affected by attacks like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) for extortion, “ransomware,” API abuse, and devices that are easy to hack. Because these methods are well-known and easy to understand, they may be the first ones that bad people use.

Cybercriminals could also try to break into “digital twin” spaces that are managed by operators of critical infrastructure in order to damage or blackmail industrial systems. Or, they could put “malware” on the full-body actuator suits of Metaverse users to cause real damage. “There have already been several reports of attacks on avatars,” they say.

“The metaverse is a high-tech, multi-billion-dollar idea that will define the next Internet age.” Even though we don’t know exactly how it will play out, we need to start thinking now about how threat actors will use it,” says Malik, urging tech companies to plan for these possible outcomes.

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