Top 35 Subnautica Games Alternatives for Survival Adventure

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Welcome to the fascinating game Subnautica. It is a spectacular and deadly underwater environment. Here you can go on an underwater adventure, explore the depths of the sea, and meet extraterrestrials. The space voyage caused the plane to crash and the ship to sink into the open seas. Only a scientist survived after the entire crew perished. He will be the main character, and he will have to discover a means to survive underwater with the help of the player.

The main character is only armed with a rescue Subnautica, which has long supplanted his home. After falling to the bottom of the deep ocean, the hero must carefully examine the surroundings in order to avoid becoming a victim of predatory sharks, sea monsters, and other deadly inhabitants. Simultaneously, the player is given additional tasks to complete, for which he receives bonuses and points.

They allow you to develop the submarine, replenish water and food supplies, and obtain weaponry for self-defense against sea animals. The plot of the game is both exciting and tranquil. It will allow you to unwind and appreciate the magnificence of the deep-sea horizons. There is no room for chases, gunfights, or bloodshed, yet it adds flavor and uniqueness.

In this article, we are going to talk about everything about Subnautica. Stay with us. 

Subnautica Gameplay at First Sight

This Subnautica review revealed a game as strange as its environment. In other respects, the game’s foreign nature stemmed from the fact that so much of it was familiar. While we’re used to visiting gorgeous, strange planets, we’re not used to them attempting to murder us every second. While meter management is expected in this type of game, adding oxygen to the mix created an entirely new experience.

The fact that Subnautica has a plot separates it from the majority of the survival genre. You’ll find yourself trailing a trail of breadcrumbs across the ocean. Along the way, you’ll build stuff to get around barriers and enhance your kit to help you survive a little longer. You will die from time to time, but it will be due to your ambition rather than the game’s reality.

Is Subnautica Free to Play?

Subnautica, which recently received the 2018 Gamers’ Choice Award for Fan Favorite Indie Game, may be familiar to anyone who enjoys aquatic-themed indie games.

However, if you haven’t already, you may grab it today for free (the game normally costs $25). Epic Games, the makers of the smash-hit Fortnite, is making Subnautica available for free download on PC via the Epic games app store.

Epic Games debuted their new game store earlier this month. While Valve’s Steam has long been the go-to destination to download PC games, Epic is hoping to change that.

To make the Epic Games Store even more tempting, the business has promised a new free game every two weeks, beginning with Subnautica and ending with Super Meat Boy on December 28.

Epic Games has also increased the competitiveness of their shop by sharing 88 percent of earnings with game developers (Steam shares 65-70 percent of revenue with devs). This strategy is most likely an attempt to persuade game creators to sell their titles through Epic.

Epic Games isn’t the only company competing with Steam. Discord, a gaming chat network, also opened a PC games store earlier this year.

35 Games like Subnautica You Can Play in 2022 

Looking for more Subnautica-like games? Then you’re looking for a scary world to explore, deep survival mechanisms, and possibly a few strange monsters to avoid at all costs. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our list of the top games like Subnautica.

We attempted to focus on games that do an excellent job of combining story, exploration, resource management, and the occasional horror – all of which are essential components of the authentic Subnautica experience. While few games can compete with developer Unknown Worlds’ stunning underwater settings, there are several that provide a similar sense of advancement and mystery. So keep scrolling to see ten games similar to Subnautica that you can play right now.

  1. The Long Dark
  2. Vallheim
  3. Abzu
  4. Minecraft
  5. No Man’s Sky
  6. Subnautica: Below Zero
  7. ARK: Survival Evolved
  8. Terraria
  9. Starbound
  10. Firewatch
  11. Astroneer
  12. Raft
  13. The Forest
  14. Osiris: New Dawn
  15. Stranded Deep
  16. Breathedge
  17. Grounded
  18. SOMA
  19. FarSky
  20. Alien Isolation
  21. Satisfactory
  22. Green Hell
  23. Rust
  24. Miasmata
  25. Out of Reach
  26. Escape The Pacific
  27. Space Engineers
  28. The Souls Project
  29. 7 Days to Die
  30. Dead Island

Best Game Like Subnautica with Details:


The Long Dark

The Long Dark, which requires you to survive in the lethal Canadian wilderness, may not have the storytelling prowess of Subnautica, but it is every bit as spooky. This is due, in part, to its hand-painted visual style and magnificent weather, which may change in a second and leave you freezing to death without enough wood to make a fire, while wolves howl ominously in the distance. It can be unpleasant, and you’ll find yourself in lots of hairy situations where food and daylight are scarce, yet panic attacks are interspersed with stretches of pensive silence. There’s nothing but you, the snow, and your footsteps. And, of course, the wolves.


Discover a rich hidden world as you descend into the heart of the ocean, where buried old secrets await and encounter with spectacular creatures await. ABZ is a gorgeous underwater journey from the art director of Journey that inspires the desire of diving.

No Man’s Sky

This one might get me in trouble. As we all know, when No Man’s Sky was released, it was widely regarded as one of the most egregious examples of misleading advertising in gaming history. A trailer showed beautiful worlds filled with alien life, but when the film was released, we discovered that the cosmos was completely barren of life and the planets were surprisingly similar and dull.

The game was dull, monotonous, and lacked any personality or spark that would entice players to play it.
“Times Change,” says Garrosh in the genuinely epic Warlords of Draenor trailer (yeah, the expansion sucked, but the trailer was fantastic). No Man’s Sky has seen substantial improvements and changes. The makers could have abandoned the project and gone into oblivion, as so many other open-world, or in this instance galaxy-based, survival-adventure games have done, but they didn’t.

No Man’s Sky will take you on an adventure over a variety of diverse worlds rich with life, and you may even meet other space-faring aliens along the way. If you bought it in 2014 and were so disappointed that you never opened it again, I would recommend giving it another chance. No Man’s Sky is currently one of the best video games like Subnautica available.

Subnautica: Below Zero

Subnautica’s logical next step is… more Subnautica, and that’s exactly what Below Zero provides. Subnautica: Below Zero is a standalone expansion that will provide you hours of underwater enjoyment after a stint in early access. The water in Below Zero, as the name implies, is significantly colder: situated in the arctic zone of an alien planet, it’s your responsibility to live on board a research station hovering overhead following a calamity. Expect the same gameplay cycles you know and love from Subnautica, but with new biomes, creatures, and tools added on a regular basis.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Aside from the fact that the main ARK game is a survival game, what links it to Subnautica are the myriad odd settings featured in the expansion packs.

While there isn’t a purely nautical map, you can definitely explore underwater locations and battle aquatic animals. The underground realm included in the Aberration expansion is an example of an unusual biome.

The new biome is alive with strange creatures and perils you’ve never encountered while exploring the surface world. To be sure, the dangers you face in Aberration are more akin to exploring the depths in Subnautica. If you enjoy the lore found throughout the surroundings, ARK has you covered.


Starbound is a PC game with a large building system and a large number of exploration planets. If you enjoy surviving sandboxes, you’ll enjoy this. It’s essentially a sci-fi Terraria with a stronger emphasis on the story.

While traveling from one planet to the next, you will gather materials to upgrade and advance your tool from level to level. You’ll graduate from swords to machine guns, from walking boots to jetpacks and teleportation techniques.

The game’s planets each have unique biomes that are routinely produced for maximum variance. For example, you could be sneaking through a dense jungle one minute and floating across a lake of molten the next.

It has a good storyline, finished with programmed bosses, honorably engaging characters, and a lot of legends to assist you to get to the next realm.


Firewatch is very different from Subnautica, but it contains one of the underwater adventure features. Despite the fact that the game never puts you in genuine danger, it does share a vast environment and dramatic storytelling.

This is a first-person mystery game for one player set in the Wyoming wilderness. The single NPC in the world is guiding you through the game via a handheld radio.

It’s 1989, and you, Henry, are in charge of keeping the wilderness safe. However, something awry lures you deeper into the wilderness to seek answers during the sweltering summer months.

Adult topics, profound moral subjects, and plenty of storytelling follow. You’d want to examine every note, every clue, and every environment. That’s a good thing because the scenarios are wild, rich, and beautiful.

Finally, the game incorporates decision-making mechanics. The narrative alters in response to your choices. Even better, the mystery will have you riveted until the very end.


Astroneer is an open-world sandbox game set in a charming and vivid alien environment where oxygen is scarce but natural resources abound.

Its Terrain Tool, which allows you to bend landscapes to your will by terraforming any natural surface while harvesting any nearby resources, distinguishes it from other games in the genre.

The game, like Subnautica, has a distinct crafting system that focuses on the creation of networks of stations, vehicles, and tethered oxygen supplies to keep you alive as you explore.

While there is no fighting, navigating Astroneer’s procedurally created worlds and their various perils is a challenge in and of itself.


Raft, another water-based game, challenges players against the dangerous ocean in a somewhat different way than Subnautica. In this game, you must collect resources and trash to build complicated rafts in order to avoid perishing on the open waters. The ocean is alive with both riches and danger, while the crafting component is maintained (for the most part) above water.


Grounded is a survival game published by Xbox Game Studios and developed by Obsidian Entertainment. The player assumes the role of a protagonist who has been shrunk to the size of an ant. The player must survive the backyard and its many bugs and insects.

As the difficulty of the game increases, more parts of the map will become available, each with new and more dangerous adversaries and more precious materials. The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes. Grounded is now available on PC, and Xbox One, and will soon be available for Xbox Series X.

Green Hell

Green Hell is another survival game in which the depths of the ocean are replaced by the depths of a jungle. It has a lot of the realism and challenge that comes with surviving in both of those biomes, plus it’s a really pretty game. And, like Subnautica, you can play it in VR for an added level of immersion.

Pros and Cons of the Subnautica Game

Subnautica is a fantastic adventure game that drops the player on an uncharted planet with odd scenery, unfathomable depths, and strange species. While some smaller species may appear to be more fearful of you, it is the larger predators who will cause your oxygen levels to rapidly plummet due to the elevated heart rate. The magnificent water effects and stunning scenery attract you as soon as you get out of the lifeboat.


  • Beautiful imagery.
  • Excellent performance.
  • A genuine sensation of survival.
  • A rich, vivid setting filled with wonder and dread.
  • A captivating story is intertwined with survival sim gameplay.
  • Dozens of cleverly constructed, one-of-a-kind scares


  • At times, it can be a little clumsy.
  • On-land sections are inconvenient and unsightly.
  • Some technical difficulties that are distracting

A game full of liquid is a challenging selling point on its own, but when you combine it with base building, meaningful growth, and a sense of being completely out of one’s depth, it all adds up to quite the experience. At $24.99, you get a game that will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours, whether you’re exploring, establishing bases, interacting with wildlife, or simply trying to survive.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I find all of these games to be incredibly interesting and enjoyable, with The Long Dark and The Forest being my favorites.

In the summer, I like to play The Long Dark to beat the heat. In the coming weeks, I’m most excited to play Zomboid, Stranded Deep, and Raft. If you like Subnautica, you’ll discover a game on this list that you’ll appreciate, and don’t forget about Subnautica’s sequel. Below Zero, no one can equal Subnautica’s original developers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Subnautica

Is Subnautica a Horror?

The Subnautica games are non-horror games with plenty of disturbing elements, the most recognizable of which are the leviathans that lurk in more dangerous areas of the landscape.

Is Subnautica free to Play?

Subnautica, which recently received the 2018 Gamers’ Choice Award for Fan Favorite Indie Game, may be familiar to anyone who enjoys aquatic-themed indie games. However, if you haven’t already, you may grab it today for free (the game normally costs $25).

How long does it take to beat Subnautica?

Subnautica is around 2912 hours long while focusing on the primary objectives. If you are a gamer who wants to see every facet of the game, you will most certainly spend roughly 55 hours completing it completely.

Is Subnautica kid friendly?

There is some fantasy violence, such as using your knife to attack fish-like monsters, as well as some frightening moments that parents should be aware of. There are also occasional “damn” and “hell” references in the dialogue.

Is Subnautica before or after Below Zero?

Unknown Worlds Entertainment produced and published Subnautica: Below Zero, an open-world survival action-adventure computer game. It’s the follow-up to the 2018 game Subnautica.

Can you leave the planet in Subnautica?

The Neptune Escape Rocket is a rocket used to depart from Planet 4546B. It is made up of five parts: the Neptune Launch Platform, the Neptune Gantry, the Neptune Ion Boosters, the Neptune Fuel Reserve, and the Neptune Cockpit.

Will they make a Subnautica 3?

Subnautica fans can rejoice because Unknown Worlds Entertainment has officially revealed Subnautica 3! Still in the early stages of development, but still! We’re finally getting another video game trip to 4546B at some point in the future!

What planet is Subnautica on?

ORIGINAL… Unknown Worlds Entertainment developed and published Subnautica, an open-world survival action-adventure computer game. After their spaceship, the Aurora, crashes on the planet’s surface, players are free to explore the waters on an alien world known as planet 4546B.

What is the end goal of Subnautica?

The player takes control of Ryley Robinson, Aurora’s sole survivor, who is stranded on the isolated ocean planet 4546B. The main goal is to explore the ocean and endure its dangers while accomplishing plot-advancing activities.

What type of game is Subnautica?

Unknown Worlds Entertainment developed and published Subnautica, an open-world survival action-adventure computer game. After your spaceship crashes into this planet called 4546B, you’ll be exploring an ocean in an unknown world.

Where can I buy Subnautica?

Subnautica and the other games on this list are available for purchase on Steam; if they are available on consoles, they will be available for purchase on the console’s store.

What games would you recommend on the list?

My personal favorites are The Long Dark and The Forest. I also like to play No Man’s Sky and Ark on occasion. Grounded is the one I’m most interested in attempting.

Is Subnautica difficult to run?

Except if you use particularly high settings, Subnautica can easily run on your PC. Subnautica runs at 30FPS on high or medium detail settings.

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