Partial Solar Eclipse 2022: When and Where to See

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On the morning of October 25, 2022, the Moon will pass in front of a portion of the Sun, causing a partial solar eclipse.

A large portion of Europe, as well as north Africa, the Middle East, and western Asia, will be able to see this solar eclipse. The US, Canada, South American nations, or Australia won’t be able to see it.

The optimal window to view the eclipse from the UK is between 10:00 BST (09:00 UT) until 12:00 BST (11:00 UT).

What is a partial solar eclipse?

When only a portion of the Sun’s disc is obscured by the Moon’s disc as seen from a particular spot on Earth, this is known as a partial solar eclipse.

It is technically the Moon’s penumbral shadow that is travelling over us during such an eclipse.

Eclipse magnitude and obscuration are two metrics that indicate how much of the Sun’s disc is obscured.

The extent of the eclipsing body over the diameter of the object being eclipsed is measured by the eclipse magnitude.

For instance, a partial eclipse of magnitude 50% would occur if the Moon’s edge coincided with the Sun’s midpoint at the time of maximum eclipse; the Moon would then cover half the Sun’s visible diameter.

The extent of the eclipse’s obscuration is indicated.

If the apparent diameters of the Sun and Moon were the same in our example, when the Moon advances to a position where its edge contacts the center of the Sun’s disc, the obscuration would be 39.1%.

Because of the eccentric orbits of the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around Earth, there are actually little variations in the apparent sizes of the Sun and Moon.

When and where to view the eclipse of October 25

People who live further east and, to a lesser extent, farther north benefit from the partial solar eclipse on October 25.

The event begins in Cornwall’s Truro at 10:12 BST (09:12 UT) and ends there at 11:38 BST (10:38 UT), lasting a total of 86 minutes.

The Truro eclipse’s maximum magnitude is 17.66%, and its obscuration is 8.65%.

The eclipse from Birmingham begins at 10:07 BST (09:07 UT), lasts 101 minutes, and has a maximum magnitude of 25.65% and a 14.95% obscuration.

York’s lasts for 106 minutes, beginning at 10:06 BST (09:06 UT), and has a maximum magnitude of 29.29% with an obscuration of 18.13%.

It starts at 10:01 BST (09:01 UT) from the northeastern tip of Shetland, lasts for approximately two hours, and has a maximum magnitude of 40.96% with a 29.38% obscuration.


What you’ll see

As the name implies, partial solar eclipses do not totally obscure the Sun’s disc. The region of Sun that is still visible will be dangerous for eyesight and equipment because the greatest coverage will only be, at best, 24.5% from mainland UK.

As a result, tremendous care must be taken to safeguard both.

The grandeur of a total eclipse is absent from a partial eclipse of the sun.

During a partial, the impacts that people travel to distant areas of the world to chase for thousands of pounds are not present.

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