What We Know so Far About DI Ray Season 2? [With Latest Updates]

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Do you want to know about DI Ray Season 2? If you enjoy procedural dramas set in England, you should watch this series. Since the fourth season was released in May, fans have been debating the release date of DI Ray Season 2. The following article will go over the second season’s facts.

The series is about a lawyer, DI Rachita Ray, who has been waiting for her promotion, which she finally obtained after being assigned a homicide case. She then realized she had caused the situation because her ethnicity was the same as the killer’s. She was disappointed and felt she had been passed over for the case because of her ability. DI Rachita Ray chooses to concentrate on the situation and find the perpetrator.

She also had to deal with colleagues who displayed preconceptions and evident ethnic biases. She later understood that the case was complicated, involving a large number of crooks and a well-organized criminal system. Later, it is revealed that the killer was Magnus Tranter, who was involved in drug and human trafficking and was assisted by Rachita’s fiance Martyn Hunter. Even when she was doing good, her crooked superiors removed her from the case.

In this article, we are going to talk about DI Ray Season 2 and everything that you need to know. 

Will there be a DI Ray Season 2?

DI Ray has been a big hit for ITV, and fans are eager to find out if the series will be renewed. There is currently no information on whether a second series will be produced.

The Sun has reached out to ITV for comment on a possible DI Ray Season 2. If the show returns, it will most likely air in April 2023.

DI Ray Season 2 Release Date Prediction

Fans have been waiting for news of the DI Ray Season 2 since the first season was announced. However, no information about a second-season renewal has been released by the producers. Fans should not be disappointed because the chance of a second season has increased since the end of the first season.

The actors were similarly optimistic about the second season and admitted that they were delighted to work on the show. If everything goes as planned, the second season could be released in mid-2023. However, the aforementioned date is only a forecast and is subject to change.

DI Ray Season 2 Quick Info


DI Ray

No. of Seasons:


No Of Episode:

4 (season 1)



Script Writer: 

Maya Sondhi


Audrey Cooke, Alex Pillai


Drama, Crime


Creative England, HTM


Charlotte Surtees

Executive producers:

Madonna Baptiste, Jed Mercurio, Maya Sondhi


Edmund Butt

Country of Origin:

United Kingdom

Origin Language: 


Available Languages: 


First episode date: 

May 2, 2022

Next Season Release Date:

Not Yet Confirmed

Available On:


DI Ray Season 2 Possible Plot

In DI Ray Season 1, we meet DI Rachita Ray, who gets the promotion she’s been hoping for when she’s invited to join a homicide investigation. However, on her first day, she is informed that the murder she has been assigned is a ‘Culturally Specific Homicide.’ Rachita’s heart sinks as she realizes she is a ‘token appointment,’ picked for her ethnicity rather than her competence.

Rachita, never one to back down from a challenge stays on the case, desperate to both find the culprit and expose the evident prejudices her colleagues are bringing to the inquiry. And it’s not going to be easy. The case isn’t just any ordinary murder; it entails digging deep into the perilous realm of organized crime.

Rachita is more than capable of handling the situation, but what she doesn’t expect is the knowledge that she’s been suppressing a personal identity issue her entire life. She has, in fact, had to work twice as hard as everyone else. It’s not that she doesn’t want to be Indian; it’s just that being white would have been easier.

DI Ray Season 2 could reveal if Ray was arrested because of her position as a DI or if she threw down the order. DI Ray Season 2 will focus on her battle against corrupt and abusive senior police officers. Ray and Martyn’s relationship will be interesting once she realizes his true identity. The creators will struggle to match the same level of passion and storytelling in the second season. It will be fascinating to see what the writers do with the plot for the second season. We may anticipate that the second season will be better than the first.

DI Ray Season 2 Possible Cast

The show’s primary cast will return for the DI Ray Season 2, along with some new recruits. The following cast members of DI Ray Season 2 are possible.
Rachita Ray’s DI is Parminder Nagra.

  • Gemma Whelan is DCI Kerry Henderson
  • Maanuv Thiara is PS Tony Khatri
  • Jamie Bamber is DCI Martyn Hunter
  • Sam Baker-Jones as DCI Liam Payne
  • Ian Puleston-Davies is Supt Ross Beardsmore
  • Demelza O’Sullivan is PC Knott
  • Manpreet Bachu is Kabir Kapoor
  • Taru Devani is Darshan
  • Ezra Faroque Khan is Dev Ray
  • Sabrina Pui Yee Chin is PCSO Amanda Hay
  • Lucy Phelps is Laura Milne
  • Steve Oram is DS Clive Bottomley
  • Bhavik C. Pankhania is Tariq
  • Shobu Kapoor is Debo Ray
  • Paul Copley is Terry
  • Helen George is Annalie
  • Peter Bankole is DS Kwesi Edmund
  • Rowena King is DS Maureen Groves

DI Ray Season 2 Trailer Updates

DI Ray Season 2

If you’re looking for the DI Ray Season 2 trailer, you might be disappointed because there isn’t one right now. However, we will keep you updated on the trailer. You can see the first season trailer until then.

Is DI Ray Season 2 based on a True Story? 

While ITV has produced some outstanding dramas based on true events in recent months – The Thief, His Wife, and the Canoe and Anne, to mention a few – it appears that the scenario that takes place within DI Ray is false.

The drama, created by Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio, follows a compelling murder investigation while simultaneously addressing the very pertinent topic of workplace racism. “This is a project that is profoundly personal for me as a British Asian Brummie woman,” stated screenwriter Maya Sondhi of the project’s relevance.

“I’ve only been able to really accept my heritage in the last ten years or so.” So much of this program is my narrative, and I hope that by expressing it honestly, people from all walks of life will be able to relate.”

Parminder Nagra, who plays Rachita Ray, also discussed how the drama addresses prejudice and shared her own experience. “It’s the subtleties that we probably haven’t seen much of on TV,” she explained. “I can’t think of any examples off the top of my head, but I don’t think we’ve seen a lot of what happens today.” “I went somewhere for work the other day; I’d gone there four times and the individual kept mistaking my name.” It seemed as if he was saying, ‘Come on, man, again!’

What Happened at the End of DI Ray Season 1?

In episode 4, DI Ray was in a race against time to find the person responsible for the death of PS Tony Khatri, who had died in her arms in episode 3. DI Rachita Ray quickly learned her fiancé was engaging in unlawful business with thug Marcus Tranter.

Marcus Tranter was caught at the end of DI Ray for the murders of Imran Aziz, Anjuli Kapoor, PS Tony Khatri, and Karl Shaw. Meanwhile, DCI Martyn Hunter was detained on suspicion of perverting the course of justice, conspiracy to cause GBH, misconduct in public office, a murder plot, and sex with a child.

It was uncertain whether DCI Martyn Hunter would go to jail or try to avoid it by giving information. Unfortunately, DI Rachita Ray was suspended due to her relationship with coworker Martyn.

Who Wrote DI Ray?

DI Ray was written by Birmingham-born screenwriter Maya Sondhi, who is best known for her work on BBC’s Line of Duty. Sondhi, who also wrote for the Channel 4 series Ackley Bridge, talked about the series’ personal significance, saying:

“As a British Asian Brummie woman, this is a profoundly personal effort for me.” Only in the last ten years or so have I truly been able to appreciate my roots. So much of this program is my narrative, and I hope that by expressing it honestly, people from all walks of life will be able to relate.”

Why is DI Ray Worth Watching?

First and foremost, this is a crime thriller, but everyone involved in the production of DI Ray Season 2 has guaranteed that it is much more than a traditional murder mystery. Because, in addition to a hearty dose of whodunnit fun, it is also going to address the theme of communications workplace racism, asking challenging questions about what it’s like to be British but feel ‘other’ at the same time.

Where was DI Ray Season 2 Filmed?

DI Ray was shot in Birmingham, with ITV workers visible throughout the city in October and November 2021. Actors, including series star Parminder Nagra, were spotted filming scenes in the lush St Paul’s Square of the Jewellery Quarter.

Filming for the new four-part series also took place outside Three Snowhill, which is located directly across the street from Lloyd House police station. There were additional film teams in the Ludgate Hill car park and on Livery Street.

DI Ray Season 2 writer Maya Sondhi, who was born in Birmingham, said of the new drama, “This project is highly personal for me as a British Asian Brummie woman.” Only in the last ten years or so have I truly been able to appreciate my roots.

What are People Saying about DI Ray?  

“DI Ray is a thriller first and foremost, and Maya’s writing raises complicated and pertinent concerns about the nature of personal ethnic identity.”

“This is a profoundly personal effort for me as a British Asian Brummie woman,” Sondhi says of her upcoming exhibition.

“I’ve only been able to really accept my heritage in the last ten years or so.” So much of this program is my narrative, and I hope that by expressing it honestly, people from all walks of life will be able to relate.”

Meanwhile, Mercurio adds, “Everyone at HTM Television is excited to be collaborating on such a thought-provoking series with writer Maya Sondhi, director Alex Pillai, and star Parminder Nagra.”

Sondhi has lately stated that working with Mercurio has been “wonderful.” “My skill is a conversation, but I’m not really that good with story, whereas he’s so excellent at plotting things and twists,” she told RadioTimes.

DI Ray Season 2 Rating

Maya Sondhi created the British procedural drama TV series, DI Ray. The first season, consisting of four episodes, premiered on ITV on May 2, 2022. The series received positive feedback from fans. The series has a 6.1/10 on IMDB and a 71% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. If you are unfamiliar with the show, don’t worry since we will offer you a brief overview of the first season.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about DI Ray Season 2

Will there be DI Ray season 2?

In a recent interview, the creator of Line of Duty was asked if he thinks the show will return, to which he replied, “Yes, definitely, this character may definitely come back for additional investigations.”

What happened in Episode DI Ray Season 2?

DI Rachita Ray is finally promoted to homicide, only to learn that her first case is a ‘Culturally Specific Homicide.’ Rachita’s heart sinks as she realizes she’s only a token hire. Rachita, on the other hand, is persuaded that this is not an honor crime and finds herself deep in the realm of organized crime.

Who was the killer in DI Ray?

All of the deaths were carried out by Magnus Tranter, who was involved in narcotics and human trafficking. He was a “foot soldier” in a global operation that the police were investigating with the assistance of an informant, Imran.

What happens at the end of DI Ray?

Rach removes her lanyard and leaves it at the reception counter in the dying moments. She storms out of the police station after briefly looking at the virtue-signaling promotional banner asking people to “be the change.” DI Ray is now available to watch in its entirety on ITV Hub.

Where can I watch season 1?

“From – Season 1” is currently available to stream on EPIX Amazon Channel, Epix Roku Premium Channel, DIRECTV, Epix, Spectrum On Demand, or to purchase as a download on Google Play Movies, Vudu, and Amazon prime Video.

Is DI Ray on TV?

DI Ray is available for free on ITV Hub in the United Kingdom. You’ll need assistance if you’re traveling abroad. But don’t worry; you don’t have to be as clever as DI Ray to understand how to enjoy the show.

Are all episodes of DI Ray available?

The entire series is now available to watch online through the ITV Hub here.

How many episodes are there of DI Ray?

DI Ray is divided into four episodes.

Why did DI Ray get suspended?

Unfortunately, she discovers that she was elevated based on her ethnicity rather than her talent. DI Ray is suspended at the end of Series 1 Episode 4 due to her relationship with a colleague. Of course, she realizes it’s a convenient reason to get rid of her.

What age is DI Ray?

Parminder Nagra, 46, was born in Leicester and is best known for her role as Jess Bhamra in the smash film Bend It Like Beckham. She was also the first female to win the FIFA Presidential Award in 2002.

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