10 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions You Must Install

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I like Google Chrome a lot, and it seems to have as many extensions as Firefox does. I also like Chrome better than IE, Edge, or Firefox because I use Google products like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, and a few others.

You can add hundreds of great extensions to Chrome to make it better in many ways. There are extensions for developers, people who like music, gamers, bloggers, and a lot of other groups. But there are some extensions that are more useful for most people and can help them with their everyday tasks.

In this article, I’ll talk about a few extensions that I think everyone should install. Even if you haven’t heard of some of them before, you should try them out before deciding not to use them. Too many extensions can slow down your browsing experience, so choose the ones that work best for you and try out each one. Chrome makes it easy to remove or turn off an extension.

You should also know that some of the extensions I’ve listed are based on how much I use Google. If you don’t use Google, you can just ignore these extensions.

Awesome Google Chrome Extensions

1. Speed Dial 2

The new tab page is one of the first things I like to change in Google Chrome. By default, it’s just a list of some of the websites you’ve been to recently. There are now many fancy extensions that also replace the new tab with panels, wallpapers, to-do lists, etc., but I find that the simple Speed Dial 2 is all I need.

When I’m surfing the web, I just want to get to my favorite sites as quickly as possible. Speed Dial 2 helps you do this by letting you group all of your pages and apps together. You can also change the theme and the layout in a lot of ways. Lastly, you can make an account and sync all of your devices with it.

2. Last Pass

Try Last Pass if you don’t already have a password manager. Don’t worry about this extension if you use something like KeePass. If you use a different password manager than 1Pass, install their extension. Password managers are important these days because more and more companies are being hacked and more and more personal information is being leaked.

With a password manager, you can make strong passwords that are different for each site. You can’t just remember them, so you need to put them somewhere. Most people’s biggest worry is that one of these companies will be hacked and all of their passwords will be made public. That could happen, which is why a lot of people use local databases like KeePass. But I’ve been using LastPass for years, and they did have a problem that didn’t compromise any passwords.

3. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is one of those add-ons that you should just install and forget about. It tries to make a website secure with HTTPS if it is not already secure. It came from the EFF, which is a big group that works to protect people in the digital world.

The only problem I’ve seen with the extension is that it uses a bit more memory than all the other extensions. Not a big deal for me because my computer has 16GB of RAM, but if you have less RAM, you might want to think about it.

4. Disconnect

You can also add the disconnect extension and then just log out. It’s a great way to protect your privacy and make sure that every site you visit isn’t keeping track of what you do online. Also, because it stops tracking, it saves data and speeds up the time it takes for websites to load. A website gets a lot of requests for tracking cookies, tracking scripts, etc.

5. Adblock Plus

Even if a site like mine depends on ads to make money, I still recommend an extension like Adblock Plus because there are so many sites with a lot of ads. Also, many of these ads contain malware, so just visiting the site could give you a malware infection. This is totally crazy.

My site only shows ads from good networks, and I try to keep the number of ads as low as I can while still making money. The only bad thing about this extension is that some big sites, like Forbes.com, can tell when you have an ad-blocking extension and won’t let you in until you “whitelist” the site.

6. Honey

At first, I wasn’t sure about this extension, but the insane number of good reviews finally convinced me to give it a try. I have to say that it is very good in the end. If you are online, you have already bought something online. If you’re like me, you probably buy everything but groceries online.

Darling will automatically look for coupons and use them when you check out. Before, I would go to RetailMeNot and other sites to look for a coupon I could use before checking out. Now, I just use Honey, and it finds and tries all kinds of codes for me. At the moment, there are no ads or other annoying things, and I hope that stays that way. He just bought a Dell XPS laptop and saved $255 on it.

7. Grammarly

Aside from looking at web pages, watching videos, and shopping online, typing is the most important thing I do on my browser. Typing emails, filling out forms, typing messages on social networking sites, writing articles for my websites, etc. Basically, it’s a lot of typing, so there are bound to be a lot of mistakes.

Grammarly is a cool extension that will check your spelling and grammar as you type in a number of web apps. Most web browsers, like Chrome, already check for spelling mistakes, but Grammarly will make suggestions for sentence structure, correct wording, etc., just like Word.

8. Origin of uBlock

Most hardware firewalls that companies buy for their businesses have web blockers that stop users from going to phishing or malware sites by accident. They work by looking at long lists of domains and URLs that don’t work.

This is what uBlock Origin does, but it does it in a way that uses less memory and works well on your computer. After you install it, you can choose which lists you want to protect yourself from. It sometimes blocks things that it shouldn’t, but it’s easy to turn it off for the site you’re currently on. From a safety point of view, it is highly recommended.

9. Turn off the Lights

As I said before, when I’m working on my computer, I watch a lot of videos. I don’t just watch videos on YouTube. I also watch videos on other sites, and Lights Out makes it more fun. Basically, it either gets rid of everything or puts a nice background behind the video. It’s not really an extension you should install, but it’s nice to have if you watch a lot of videos on your computer.

You can set YouTube to automatically play only the high-resolution version of videos. This is fine if you have a 2K or 4K monitor and need to keep changing these settings for each video.

10. Fire shot

Lastly, sometimes you need to take screenshots of what’s in your browser, and this plugin is much better than trying to use the Windows snipping tool or something similar. Fire Shot can save full web pages as images or PDF files as you scroll down them. You can make a PDF of all the tabs at once and upload it to OneNote. You can also change and add notes to screenshots.

So, those are ten Chrome extensions that just about anyone can use every day. I tried to make them as general as possible, so most of them will work in the background without you noticing. To enjoy!

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